Gold Coast Newborn Photographer | Erin Elizabeth workshop

Gold Coast Newborn Photographer meets Erin Elizabeth.

After months and months of waiting, I was very excited to attend a newborn workshop last month with Erin Elizabeth. In case you don’t know of Erin, she is amazing at what she does. From newborn posing, lighting and layering. I have followed her work for many years and I was so excited about her visit to Queensland.  I woke up at 4am on the day and drove over 2 hours to see her in action. The other attendees had travelled from Cairns, America and beyond!  It was really worth it.  I want to be able to provide the best images possible for my clients and I seek out the very best photographers to learn from.  It was great to see Erin in action and I learnt so much.

If you are considering a newborn session for your baby, it is important to book your Newborn session during your second trimester. I will book you in as a tentative date based on your due date. Cute, squishy images like these are best taken when your baby is 5 to 10 days old.

I will blog an ages and stages post for you in the next few weeks.

Here are a few images that I took on the day. Please note: These babies were all between 5 to 10 days young.  If you are considering a newborn session, please book early to avoid disappointment.  If you do miss out on the 5-10 day old session, my next favourite stage is 8 to 12 weeks.

There were 3 newborns on the day that were just perfect little models……


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